HTN 129 - Response from Andy Selfe to Chris Wilson's report - TED update kit

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21st August 2006

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To: Andy Selfe
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 10:16 AM
Subject: Re: TED update kit

Hi, Andy.

Although I'm not an expert, it is apparently the 6v tractors that have this weekness. When they upgraded to 12v this seal was also modified. Experts can tell by the trumpet housing mounting bolts which are unevenly spaced on the improved version.
The earlier has the seal on the outside behind a press fit collar, which the manual states you have to drill holes in & break to remove.
Dennis mounts the seal in a housing on the inside of this & seals it in the main hsg with an O ring. I havn't seen it yet, but can send photos when I do.
Interesting about Allis Chalmers. I knew about their UK production, but thought it was near Southampton for some reason. The biggest difference between the two versions is that the Essendine tractors have straight front axles instead of the arched version one can see on the web page.
I guess this emphasises the American preference for row crop clearance, not generally an issue in UK farming.
Sandstone does have a UK built version as well so when this one is complete maybe we should put them side by side for comparison.

Thanks for your interest


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From: Andy Selfe
To: Chris Wilson
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 10:14 PM
Subject: TED update kit

Hello Chris,

I was reading your report on the website, thanks.

I was interested to read about the kit for the hubseal update kit, as I have an early 6-volt TED which suffers from the same problem. I don't mind doing the job, but I certainly want to know that what I do will work!

Can you give me detals of which models need the update, and what it entails.

Reading about the Allis B's and the UK and USA models, I was interested to read that the UK factory was Essendine in Rutland. Rutland is the smallest county in UK, and despite attempts to disband it, on the grounds that it's too small, we Rutlanders resist it strongly! I was born in Oakham, the county town, or capital, only a few km away. I'm surprised my mother who was also born there, and was also brought up there, has never mentioned a tractor factory.