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Sandstone on YouTube1

Recently we did a bit of detective work to track down all the videos of The Sandstone Steam Railway on YouTube. It’s not as easy as you may think as some of the titles do not always mention Sandstone and the YouTube search engine can miss them! Anyway we have catalogued 133 separate videos including three from Alan Middleditch he has just posted of the recent FarRail International Tour to Sandstone. We hope you enjoy watching these productions that capture the essence of The Sandstone Steam Railway.

The Stars of Sandstone 2019 video is now available on You Tube on the link below. Ron Nell of Frameline Productions has put together a magnificent production of the 2019 event. We hope you enjoy the spectacle.

Sandstones Kalahari Locomotive video title image

Wondering what Stars of Sandstone 2019 will be like? Take a look at the example videos below.


Watch a flight over Sandstone



Sandstone's Kalahari Locomotive video





Sandstone's NGG16 featured on YouTube