Sherman MK IV

Work on our Mk IV Sherman continues unabated

What started out as a routine service has turned out to be a major rebuild of the undercarriage. The newly rubberised Rollers are now being fitted.

Our Mk IV Sherman will be deployed every day during Stars of Sandstone 2013. A number of other important Military vehicles will join the line-up next year.


Sandstone Sherman Mark IV receives serious TLC

Sandstone Sherman Mark IV receives serious TLC

Update - 30 July 2012

These pictures show the progress on the Sherman tank upgrade.


Our trusty Mk IV Sherman

We have many treasures at Sandstone Estates, not the least of which is our Mk IV Sherman, seen here receiving some TLC and a good wash.


Our trusty Unimog, which has been in the family since we bought the farm in 1995, is still going strong.  I am not sure how old the Unimog is but it was probably 20-years old when we obtained it.

Feedback on the Sandstone Heritage Trust Sherman

All along we’ve been referring to the Sherman in the Sandstone Heritage Trust collection simply as a 'Sherman Mk4'. Apparently, it’s not as simple as that, according to William Marshall, who knows his Military Vehicles well! 


Feedback from Sherman Tanks in World War II Article

On 28th January 2009, Friends of the Rail stalwart, Nathan Berelowitz wrote in: 

Hi, look at these amazing photos from a guy I met in Pretoria, whose dad was in the sixth armour and fought in Italy! Then and now!! 


 The photos speak for themselves!


Shermans with SA Troops in WW2

thumbSherman Tanks played an important part with the South African troops in the World War II campaign in Italy. The following information is taken from the book South Africa in World War II, A Pictorial History, edited by John Keene of the SA National Museum of Military History.

'During November (1943) the (6th) SA Armoured Division was ordered to rest as many troops as possible in order to prepare for an attack on Monte Sole. Field Marshall Alexander visited the division on 4 November. The armoured regiments were re-equipped with Sherman tanks mounting 76mm and 17-pounder guns and 4th/22nd Field Regiment, SA Artillery, was equipped with Sextons (self-propelled 25-pounder guns). The warning order for the division to prepare for operations against Monte Sole was received on 30 November......'

Sherman MK IV

As we sift through the many pictures sent to us of all the different items that were on display and on patrol during the Cosmos Festival in 2008, we are occasionally struck by a picture that really gives one a wake-up call. This evocative picture of the Mk IV Sherman in action certainly rates a second look.


Our Mk Iv Sherman Tank Carries Out Trials For Mega Power 2010

The Mk IV Sherman, which does not come out every day, was put through its paces a few days ago at Sandstone Estates in the Eastern Free State.


We were asked by the authorities to prepare a report on the border road which had fallen in to disuse and the Sherman was the best equipped machine on the farm to cope with the challenge and in any event it is the policy of the Sandstone Heritage Trust to use everything and to ensure that everything is kept in running order.

The Sherman heads out through the wheat lands for the border

The Sherman Mk IV first outing in the COSMOS...

SHERMAN Tank moves again under its own power after 50-years_fin

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To see this tank in action come to the Steam & Cosmos Festival 2008.