Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

February 2008 Updates  
25/02/08 Vintage Car News...
25/02/08 The Sherman Mk IV has now had its turret fitted and field trials have commenced...
January 2008 Updates  
26/01/08 Sandstone receives letters of appreciation from members of the Roy Raats visitor group
26/01/08 Sandstone features in Toyota SA's staff magazine. 
22/01/08 Compagnes Drift Mill Updated 19th January 2008
22/01/08 Sugar Cane trucks - an extract from R. Hudson Ltd whose outstanding catalogue provides a mouth watering selection of products
22/01/08 Oom Jannie du Toit does it again - International Harvester Pick-Up truck, Model R110 and International Harvester Trojan Patrol motor grader
21/01/08 Extensive coverage of SA Steam and in particular Sandstone in latest edition of excellent French magazine Voie Etroite
21/01/08 Can anyone shed some light on this plough. Is it a ox or a horse plough? (unfortunately this article is no longer available)
19/01/08 Sandstone's S4 featured in a major article
15/01/08 To agricultural machinery preservationists...
05/01/08 Compagnes Drift Mill
December 2007  
16/12/07 Soya Planting - December 07 update
13/12/07 Visitors flock to Sandstone Estates - Makarios Goue Jare Klub
13/12/07 HRASA and Steam In Action (SIA) joint news release
06/12/07 Sandstone Heritage Trust hosts MG Car Club at Hogsville
06/12/07 Rare Breeds
November 2007  
30/11/07 An Action Packed week, Sandstone Steam team uplifts rare Cooler Wagon to safety
28/11/07 Leyland Beaver / Diamond T update
23/11/07 Sandstone completes Century City Contract
20/11/07 Villiersdorp Tractor & Engine Club adds to interest at Stettyn Cellar Family Day
19/11/07 Soya Planting
13/11/07 McLaren Traction Engine Restoration Update
13/11/07 Stationary engine news from the Western Cape
12/11/07 Sandstone has quietly gone about the restoration of a Sentinel S4... (UPDATE)
09/11/07 Sandstone attends National Vintage Tractor & Engine Show (Updated)
06/11/07 A glimpse of life in the Eastern Free State
05/11/07 Ray of hope... may the old cranes steam again. - updated - but then again....
02/11/07 Sandstone Steam Railroad opens its doors for the Cherry Festival
02/11/07 Sandstone attends National Vintage Tractor & Engine Show November 2007
October 2007  
30/10/07 Does anybody have any idea what this machine was designed to do....?
27/10/07 A new arrival - An interesting old cattle truck has arrived from Cape Town...
26/10/07 The Half-way mark, Compagnes Drift Mill water wheel
26/10/07 The outstanding Cooley Festival in Ireland in August continues to make front page news... Sandstone was there... (unfortunately this article is no longer available).
26/10/07 BSA Rail Car - Mechanical work on BSA Rail Car almost completed...
25/10/07 How far back can your mind reach? - The fact that we have trained Afrikaner oxen to work with a wagon like this supports our living heritage philosophy in a very significant way
25/10/07 Two recent arrivals include a Leyland Beaver and a Diamond T - is there anyone out there who can help us with their history?
25/10/07 Early summer rains means we have to beat the clock for planting, and the Sandstone Heritage Trust MP6 has the grunt...
24/10/07 24 page Guinness Tractor Record supplement in Tractor magazine
24/10/07 Steam Preservation in Action
14/10/07 South Africa gets top billing in Irish Heritage publication...
10/10/07 The Sandstone Heritage Trust is sending a delegate to this interesting event over the weekend. The rest of us are watching rugby!
17/10/07 Ray of hope... may the old cranes steam again.
10/10/07 The rains have arrived
07/10/07 10 Ruston Bucyrus Excavator donated to the Sandstone Heritage Trust
04/10/07 Greens Compound Roller
01/10/07 Sandstone's 1910 Peerless truck comes to the fore
September 2007  
29/09/07 Sandstone has quietly gone about the restoration of a Sentinal S4...
26/09/07 Sandstone Estates 1950 Ford F100 achieves celebrity status in the USA...
11/09/07 Do you know of any old rusty implements lying around....?
11/09/07 Lagerplaats Dam - our pictures tell the story
03/09/07 Panoramic photos of the massively successful World Record tractor challenge
August 2007  
28/08/07 Where have all the Shermans gone?
24/08/07 Oom Jannie does it again!
22/08/07 Sandstone Estates and the Beaulieu Estate - Hampshire Life Magazine
21/08/07 Container Lifter
07/08/07 South Africa participates in massively successful World Record tractor challenge
03/07/07 A view from the top...
20/07/07 Tamworth (UK) based HUNSLET has joined forces with Sandstone Heritage Trust to form an international operating partnership. (unfortunately this article is no longer available).
16/06/07 My vision for new southern steam line - Ralph Montagu
HTN 216 Sandstone Heritage Trust Irish T-shirts will be ready shortly
HTN 215 Thank you once again to The Sentinel Transport News Magazine for Sandstone's honorary mention
HTN 214 Things are hotting up now with progress on the water wheel - Andy Selfe Reports!
HTN 213 The Sandstone Heritage Trust has two Star drilling machines... perhaps its time to restore them?
HTN 212 It's countdown time for the huge Trator event taking place at Cooley
HTN 211 A glimpse of our rich agricultural Heritage
HTN 210 Sentinel S4 receives first post restoration upgrade
HTN 209 Literature Division
HTN 208 Offloading the container en-route to Ireland
HTN 207 1200 km to a Dinner Party? You must be crazy! - by Andy Selfe
HTN 206 The Sandstone Chronicles - New DVD Release - Uncovering Heritage Treasure with the Sandstone Heritage Trust
HTN 205 Our Edwardian Experience - Authentic Sepia Images
HTN 204 Our Edwardian Experience - letters in response
HTN 203 Great pics from Gary Barnes at our Edwardian Event
HTN 202 A gallery of photographs from John Middleton
HTN 201 A gallery of photographs from Tessa Joughin from our Edwardian Event
HTN 202 A gallery of photographs from John Middleton
HTN 201 A gallery of photographs from Tessa Joughin from our Edwardian Event
HTN 200 Our Edwardian Experience on the 21st April was an enormous success
HTN 199 Pending
HTN 198 South Africa agrees to participate in Irish World Record Attempt
HTN 197 The Sandstone Heritage Trust Marshall MP6 is complete!
HTN 196 Signage upgrade takes place at Sandstone Estates
HTN 195 The Sandstone Heritage Trust obtains an 8-ton Grove crane
HTN 194 Dorset Steam Fair August 29 - September 2 2007 - 40th anniversary - Tractors wanted!
HTN 193 We felt we should share this with our vintage tractor friends
HTN 192 Sentinel Transport News - a letter from Wilfred Mole - News of the Sandstone Sentinel S4
HTN 191 Alastair Saxton's cover design for the March issue of The Klaxton Chatter Magazine
HTN 190 Never a dull moment at Sandstone Estates
HTN 189 The Rhys Rolfe / Rhys Evans Tractor collection comes to Sandstone
HTN 188 Article linked to our teff seeder, with thanks to Jerry Evans!
HTN 187 Work continues on International Harvester Collection
HTN 186 Kelsey tour group has a successful visit to the Sandstone Heritage Trust
HTN 185 The Sandstone Heritage Trust doesn't just operate at Sandstone Estates
HTN 184 Old American Edgar saw restored - article by Andy Selfe
HTN 183 Fascinating piece of British Agricultural history
HTN 182 More vintage farm equipment in line for restoration?
HTN 181 British tractor challenge for Wiltshire air ambulance and Wales air ambulance
HTN 180 Another teaser for our readers
HTN 179 The man and the machines
HTN 178 1907 International Harvester Model B Farmer's Auto
HTN 177 Familiar machine?
HTN 176 The record wheat harvest at Sandstone Estates this year meant that it was strictly all hands on deck
HTN 175 Sandstone's D8 during restoration
HTN 174 Massive DVD Sale - an opportunity for enthusiasts to own some classic videos
HTN 173 Compagnes Drift Mill - by Andy Selfe
HTN 172 The Sandstone Heritage Trust seeks information and parts for a Canadian Gun Tractor (unfortunately this article is no longer available).
HTN 171 South African Sentinel restoration - Old Glory Magazine - January 2007
HTN 170 Arrangement drawing of a Sentinel S4 flat platform waggon.
HTN 169 Back to Basics in Tractor & Machinery Magazine - Peter Love talks to Wilfred Mole about creating records
HTN 168 A new lease on life for the old Kommandonek fruit shed
HTN 167 New look for our Sentinel S4
HTN 166 The first item ever acquired by the Sandstone Heritage Trust
HTN 165 The magnificent Sandstone buildings of the Eastern Free State
HTN 164 An exciting find by the vintage tractor section of the Sandstone Heritage Trust
HTN 163 Interesting tractor discovered in the platteland
HTN 162 The Sandstone Heritage Trust brings out the oldies
HTN 161 The Sandstone Heritage Trust pays homage to the Rand Club
HTN 160 Sandstone's lattice bridges
HTN 159 Chris Wilson Reports from Lions River - 20 November 2006 - Marshall MP6 progress
HTN 158 "Thumbs up!" - The MG car club's newsletter - inserts from some of "AFRIOD'S" Participants
HTN 157 Great article in the Bakkie & Truck magazine - October 2006 - "The inaugural Notties tractor trek"
HTN 156 Sentinel Transport News - An older article, but still of interest of our S4!
HTN 155 Out with the new and in with the old!
HTN 154 Pending
HTN 153 Gerhard Wille, a real expert on vintage tractors, particularly Field Marshall and Lanz.
HTN 152 The old Kommandonek fruit shed
HTN 151 Our magnificent Kenworth T900 prime mover up for a 15-year upgrade
HTN 150 South African Defence Force / School of Armour Officers visit Sandstone Estates
HTN 149 Sandstone has acquired a wonderful old 1955 AEC Lorr
HTN 148 Items for sale - beautiful old dam scoop
HTN 147 Model Field Marshall dating back to 1947
HTN 146 Living preservation of vintage tractors
HTN 145 Sandstone Estates disposes off its D6R Dozer.
HTN 144 Chris Wilson Reports on the Marshall MP6, the Allis Chalmers B & the Fordson Aircraft Tug- 9th October 2006
HTN 143 John Allen's AEC bus carries the Sandstone Colours
HTN 142 Cable drums acquired
HTN 141 The world's most interesting mobile barbeque!
HTN 140 Garth Wilson, a South African who visited the UK Tractor Challenge sent us some pics!
HTN 139 Kelsey Publishing House is coming to visit South Africa
HTN 138 Sandstone Estates cooperates with the South African Defence Force School of Armour in joint display
HTN 137 Old American Edger Saw Restored - by Andy Selfe
HTN 136 Improved asset management - in with the old and out with the new
HTN 135 Progress Report - Kenworth Truck - by Jan Fouche
HTN 134 Snow on the Maluti Mountains - Images by Tessa Joughin
HTN 133 "Grumpy old men"
HTN 132 The spotlight lands on South Africa's oldest commercial vehicle
HTN 131 Sentinel steams in Howick!
HTN 130 Living Preservation - an African Odyssey
HTN 129 Response from Andy Selfe to Chris Wilson's report - TED update kit
HTN 128 WKVTE - Nuusbrief Nr. 28 - Julie 2006 "Kyk wat het van The Great 100 Working geword"
HTN 127 Marshall MP6, serial no 6740184 & other projects at LionsRiver – by Chris
HTN 126 Some people say that they havent seen these mountains with this much snow in years.
HTN 125 Sentinal S4 steams its way into the history books!
HTN 124 51 year old CAT 12 working hard upgrading the roads at Sandstone Estates
HTN 123 1939 Scammell Dump Truck
HTN 122 Einco Loader
HTN 121 Out with the new and in with the old - Caterpillar 120H grader
HTN 120 The baling of bio-mass goes on at Sandstone virtually all year round
HTN 119 Withdrawn
HTN 118 Snow and children... a perfect combination!
HTN 117 Sandstone's herd of Afrikaander Oxen, a vital part of all programmes
HTN 116 Tractor & Machinery Magazine - Vol.12 Issue.10 - "Record breaking Emerson Brantingham"
HTN 115 Restoration of the O & K is going well - Keith Stevens
HTN 114 Monarch water drilling rig - by Andy Selfe
HTN 113 Veteran Kenworth goes for restoration
HTN 112 The Grrrr! Flugel - by Kerry Young
HTN 111 Vintage tractor values continue to soar to new heights
HTN 110 Sentinel S4 nearly ready to steam
HTN 109 Information on Old Fowler Steam Engine Uncovered
HTN 108 Sandstone Estates launches New Memorabilia Shop
HTN 107 Current project for Sandstone Estates being carried out by Chris Wilson at LionsRiver, KZN
HTN 106 Sandstone's three heavyweights
HTN 105 1901 Fowler B5 Crane Engine
HTN 104 French engine discovered in a scrap yard in Petit
HTN 103 SA Flyer Magazine - Edition 128 - June 2006
HTN 102 Work commences on the restoration of 1910 McLaren Traction Engine
HTN 101 Recently restored Rumeley Oil Pull
HTN 100 BBC radio interview with Wilfred Mole & Ralph Montagu
HTN 99 Emerson Brantingham Big 4-30
HTN 98 John Allen's AEC rides again
HTN 97 Classic vintage aircraft appear over the skies in the Eastern Free State.
HTN 96 Some of the more interesting sights at Sandstone are the quiet ones.
HTN 95 Sandstone cooperates with Western Cape Enthusiasts to restore McCormick threshing box and Mitchell baler
HTN 94 The Blacksmiths Workshop has moved into new premises
HTN 93 CAT 12 Grader, 1953, commissioned for use on farm
HTN 92 Notties Tractor Trek - Nottingham Road - 4th & 5th August 2006
HTN 91 It goes around Earphones and Helmets
HTN 90 Alan Trencher article in Classic Plant & Machinery - April/May 2006
HTN 89 Oil pull transport - Every show at Sandstone Estates attracts different types of
HTN 88 Vintage steam show & Country Fayre - 24 and 25 March 2007 at Rawdon's Estate, Nottingham Rd
HTN 87 Current news flashes - April/May 2006
HTN 86 Gerald's engine day - by John Menasce
HTN 85 Unique synergy is achieved by classic military vehicles owned by the SA Armour Museum in Bloemfontein (SADF)
HTN 84 Oom Jannie du Toit, one of the great characters of vintage tractor preservation in South Africa
HTN 83 Is the Massey Ferguson 135 a vintage tractor, a classic tractor or just a tractor?
HTN 81 Farm & Horticultural Equipment Magazine - The Oesdag Article by Andy Selfe
HTN 80 Alan Trencher article in "Classic Plant and Machinery Magazine" - April 2006
HTN 79 Agriland - March/April 2006 - Letters published by Wilfred Mole
HTN 77 Classic Car & Bike Show Timour Hall, Plumstead, Cape, 29 January 2006 - by Andy Selfe
HTN 76 Works in Progress, the Sentinal Steam Waggon, The O&K and The McLaren Engine - Keith Stevens update
HTN 75 The South African High Commissioner's visit to The Sandstone Heritage Trust
HTN 74 Quambatook Harvesting Day - Weekly Times Article, February 2006
HTN 73 The Sandstone Heritage Trust's rare Allen Trencher made by John Allen & Sons of Oxford
HTN 71 Farm Equipment Magazine - January/February 2006 - Article by Andy Selfe
HTN 70 Sandstone's 2006 Cosmos Festival!
HTN 69 Oom Don Farrand - "SYNOPSIS OF 86 YEARS OF MY LIFE"
HTN 68 The tractors of Sandstone - Photographed by Jerry Evans.
HTN 67 McCormic International Model 101 combine harvester
HTN 66 Small Open Day Held at Hogsville
HTN 65 Sandstone Estates' T900 Kenworth
HTN 64 "Tractor Art" - Lopsided windmills and old tractors
HTN 63 Army spec Bedford found along the Garden Route in the Cape - to be fully converted
HTN 62 Heartland magazine article by Mike Myers - A walk on the Prehistoric side of the Eastern Free State
HTN 61 Heartland magazine article by Justus Visagie - Spending and bending time at Sandstone Estates
HTN 60 Vintage Scene Magazine - December 2005 - Ploughing record smashed!
HTN 59 Stationary engine open day at Neville Botha's - 2006 South Africa
HTN 58 African Odyssey Vintage Car Rally - Johannesburg to Nairobi - September 2006
HTN 57 Pre-war National Engine continues to provide power at Hoekfontein Farm
HTN 56 Highly successful Harvest Day held at Brakfontein farm, Western Cape - Article by Andy Selfe
HTN 55 Published letter in the "Antique Power Magazine"by Wilf Mole
HTN 54 Published letter in the Tractor & Machinery Magazine, Edition December 2005. Letter written by Wilf Mole
HTN 53 Village Life Magazine article, Issue No. 13 August/September 2005
- "He breathes life into old wagons"
HTN 52 Come and join us at Sandstone Estates for our annual Harvest Festival!
HTN 51 The Star Article - 21st November 2005 by Winnie Graham -
"Story of an African Farmer"
HTN 50 Follow up on the Sentinel Waggon Restoration
HTN 49 Sandstone Estates owns intriguing stationery engine
HTN 48 High Ranking Kelsey Publishing deputation visits the SWAT Team in the Cape, report from Andy Selfe
HTN 47 The Blacksmiths Workshop is offering in two training courses next year
HTN 46 The Ficksburg News - Page 3 article - Friday 21st October 2005
HTN 45 It's World Record time again in the vintage tractor fraternity!
HTN 44 Big Landscape... We say goodbye to winter
HTN 43 Vintage Combine Ex. Lesotho
HTN 42 A letter from Steven's Mechanical - Steven's Steam Restoration - 04
October 2005
HTN 41 Old Glory Magazine - Issue No. 188 October 2005 - September 15th - October 19th 2005
HTN 40 Sandstone Heritage Trust attends important Villiersdorp vintage tractor event
HTN 39 Article on the Villiersdorp Show - Wilfred and Ben - Article in The Overburg Venster 4" - Friday 19 August 2005
HTN 38 1950 AEC Regal III Chassis 9621A 854 Engine No. 73t
HTN 37 Sandstone moves metal
HTN 36 A question to our readers
HTN 35 Come to the Vintage & Steam Country Fair! 1 & 2 October 2005, Nottingham
HTN 34 An engine which is causing quite a stir
HTN 33 Pair of Diamond-T trucks
HTN 32 Progress on Sentinel Steam Waggon
HTN 31 Mountain View Country Retreat
HTN 30 Western Cape hosts national vintage tractor and engine event
HTN 29 British Steam Car Challenge
HTN 28 Verve section in The Star Newspaper. Article by Winnie Graham
HTN 27 One of Sandstone's two Diamond T mechanical horses
HTN 26 Very rare aged Stock tractor
HTN 25 VIP Continue to visit Sandstone
HTN 24 An old Mill discovery at Sandstone
HTN 23 Sandstone's steam programme extends way beyond locomotives
HTN 22 A visit by members of the Democratic Alliance
HTN 21 Sandstone's Sentinel S4 Lorry
HTN 20 Return of the Giants a big hit in New Zealand
HTN 19 Inventory of Stationary Engines as at October 2004
HTN 18 Overseas visitors to Little Train Cosmos Weekend
HTN 17 A Cat in South Africa
HTN 16 Photographs of the majestic Oxen
HTN 15 Repair points at triangle
HTN 14 David Payling visits Sandstone
HTN 13 Cosmos time at Sandstone - Before the storm
HTN 12 Harvest Time at Sandstone
HTN 11 Sandstone Heritage Puts Vintage Tractors on Auction
HTN 10 Vintage tractor restoration
HTN 9 Wishing you all the very best for the festive season!
HTN 8 Oz review of latest Sandstone video
HTN 7 Withdrawn
HTN 6 Farmal Cub restored in record time
HTN 5 Magic old Tractor Publication
HTN 4 Offloading Aussie Tractors
HTN 3 King Letsie III of Lesotho 21-May 2004 - At Sandstone Estates
HTN 2 International Museum Day - 18 May 2004
HTN 1 March '04 - Historic train restaurant moves to the Eastern Free State