Architectural Heritage

As a result of crime across the border and the need to consolidate our domestic accommodation in our centralised complex, we have been left with an abundance of wonderful sandstone.  In almost every case everything else was removed and carried off to Lesotho – roofing, timbers, doors, windows, even bricks.  However, the big solid sandstone blocks are a bridge too far and as a result they tend to survive.

We believe that this very traditional kraal and silo complex must date back to the latter part of the 1800’s. It is virtually untouched, seems to have escaped theft and vandalism, and is an absolutely superb example of the facilities that existed on farms in the Eastern Free State 150-years ago.

We are currently seeking advice from an archaeologist who might be in a better position to describe what these facilities were used for and possibly to date the complex.


Our Steam Division took time off over the last few months to put in an Oregon Pine wooden floor in our Waenhuis. The Waenhuis was the old tractor shed at Sandstone Estates pre 1995 and has slowly evolved into a comfortable, rustic, and very original dining experience.



These pictures were taken within the last week.