Modern Farming

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Sandstone has large cattle herds and subsequently lots of calves.

Feeding the Weaners
Sandstone is famous for its Cosmos which provides an exciting backdrop to public events. In 2021 such events are not happening but we still have the Cosmos. After an experiment in 2020, Cosmos has been mixed with Babala. This is a “sugar graze” animal feed and fast growing annual summer forage crop. The growth rate and height put pressure on the establishment of weeds. It builds the stability of soil aggregates and organic material. While it can be used as forage for both livestock and game, it also acts as a habitat for beneficial insects.

With some gaps in the recent good rains at Sandstone it is now time to bring in the wheat harvest. While we were all enjoying a long weekend, Sandstone was hard at work harvesting. Our delightful pictures by Minke Hohls give a different perspective on the harvest.

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Sandstone Estates 2018 Wheat crop.

Our crop was planted in June and will be due for Harvesting in late December 2018 or early January 2019.

IG Van Niekerk, one of Sandstone’s farming partners, has produced this wonderful article on Cattle Farming in the Eastern Free State.

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Sandstone Estates Modern Workshop Report

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Sandstone Estates Arable Report January 2016

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Sandstone Estates Arable Report October 2015

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Unlike the other wheat crop report this is a general report on activities that are currently happening on the farm.

But firstly we will look at the wheat crop.

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Wheat Planting Report

We decided to plant wheat for the first time in some years this season and, based on experience from the previous plantings, we have planted two different cultivars – one called ‘elands’ being an all rounder we have had good results with in the past. The second is a newer ‘spring’ cultivar that has been planted in our area in previous years, as late as 20 august, namely ‘SST 374’.

Anguish as drought leaves trails of havoc

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Below is a Sunday Times article by Prega Govender subtitled 'Harvests of Ruin' - 'Parched lands, stunted crops and billions of rands in losses take farmers to the brink of despair'.

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 Birding at Sandstone

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Keith and Heide Wetmore have produced an excellent guide to the bird life at Sandstone as a further attraction to our Stars of Sandstone 2015 event. Click here to view the booklet.