2ft Narrow Gauge

NG10 - Fitting the running boards.

The NG10, being USA built, has a few quirks compared with the primarily European built locos used on the narrow gauge. One of these is the fitment of the running boards to the loco. On most engines these are mounted to the frames but on the NG10 they are attached directly to the boiler via large brackets. As the boiler is effectively new identifying the correct mounting points has been quite a task as our set of original drawings for the NG10 does not clearly cover this. However with the help of the many photographs we have of no 61 in service the problem has been overcome as our pictures show.

IMG 20180510 WA0001

Railway Safety Regulator Permit

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NG10 number 61 taking shape.

The boiler cladding has now been completed and fabrication of the cab floor and running plates is underway. The new cab frame has also been placed in position. Production of number 61’s number plates has also been set in motion together with the Baldwin works plates and the unique smokebox number plate originally fitted to this class in true American fashion. Our thanks go to Leith Paxton who provided the drawings for the works plates and smokebox plates.

IMG 20180426 WA0001

Update on the Restoration at Bloemfontein.

Good progress has been made on the cosmetic restoration of the ZASM “B” 0-6-04T number 230, “Jan Wintervogel”. The stripping of the locomotive has been completed together with the cleaning of the main components. Our pictures show the boiler and frames now completed and painted in red oxide together with the side tanks and the cab roof and cab coal bunker.

Work will now continue on a number of smaller parts from the locomotive that will be cleaned and stored for safekeeping.

Our last picture for interest shows number 230 at Waterval Boven station in 1998 while operating a tourist train down the line to Waterval Onder. Luckily 15F number 3094 was on hand to tackle the heavy gradients to bring the train back to Waterval Boven!

IMG 20180419 WA0001

NG10 number 61. On to the finish!

With the boiler now mounted and positioned correctly in the frames work has begun on fitting the lagging and cladding to the boiler together with the boiler rings. Our pictures show the final bolt hole being drilled for the boiler in the smoke box saddle, the boiler with the boiler rings and the first lagging in place plus one of the boiler rings.

The work schedule to complete the loco is as follows:


Fit main steam pipes and blast pipe.

Set valve timing

Fit all boiler mounts and cab fittings.

Fabricate new cab


Complete fabrication of new tender frame and fit new tank already completed.

IMG 20180417 WA0000

NGG16 number 113 29 March 2018

The boiler section of number 113 has now been returned to Sandstone where new superheater elements will be fitted by Gert Jubileus and his team. The Bloemfontein team under Lukas Nel will now concentrate on completing the restoration of NG10 number 61. The retube of NGG!# number 49 will be held over till later in the year.

IMG 20180326 WA0001


NGG16 number 113, the hydraulic test with a little help from the 19th century

The recently retubed number 113 has undergone and passed its hydraulic test with the aid of a pump dating back to 1890. Originally steam driven, the pump saw service in Bloemfontein until the 1970’s when the depot literally ran out of steam and it was converted to air operation and, as our pictures show, is still giving sterling service.

It proves the old adage, “they don’t make ‘em like they used to”!

The boiler of 113 will soon be returned to Hoekfontein to be swapped with the similar boiler of NGG13 number 49 for its retubing.


IMG 20180314 WA0000


Number 113’s boiler ready for its hydraulic test

The boiler of NGG16 number 113 is now also complete and the boiler will now be blanked off to receive its hydraulic test. Our picture shows the completed firebox tube plate.

IMG 20180310 WA0001

News from Bloemfontein. The NG10 receives its new boiler

News from Bloemfontein. The NG10 receives its new boiler.

The rebuilt boiler for NG10 number 61 has been re united with the loco frames after its extensive repairs by Keith Stevens. Our pictures show unloading the boiler from the Sandstone lowbed and placing the boiler into the waiting frames of number 61. A very exciting day for the restoration of the NG10!

IMG 20180312 WA0008


NGG16 Number 113 almost complete.

The small and large tubes for number 113 have been fitted and expanded into the firebox tube plate. Our pictures show the small tubes expanded and fitted and the setting up of the expanding machine for the large tubes. Not long to go now.

IMG 20180306 WA0000


NGG16 number 113 update 2 Mar 2018

The hard work is paying off and the small tubes have now been placed in the boiler. The larger tubes have been swaged and will be fitted early next week. Not too long to go now!

IMG 20180301 WA0002

The tubes are prepared for NGG16 Number 113

The boiler tubes have now been swaged and annealed ready for fitment into the boiler of number 113. Our pictures show the tubes being swaged and then annealed and cooled by being covered with clean sand.

IMG 20180221 WA0000


Steam Report 19 Feb

The latest Steam Report from the Sandstone Steam Team

Steam Report 19 Feb

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NGG16 Number 113. The firebox tube plate is now complete

Lukas Nel and the Bloemfontein team have completed the fitting of all the copper ferrules in the firebox tube plate of number 113. Out pictures show the copper raw material, sealing the ferrules into the tube plate and the completed job.

IMG 20180216 WA0003


NGG16 Number 113 boiler update

The hard work continues at Bloemfontein with the copper ferrules being placed in the tube plate prior to the final fitting of the tubes. Our pictures show the delicate process of fitting the ferrules and a completed section of the tube plate. The ferrules are then expanded and act as a seal between the tube plate and the boiler tube when fitted.

NGG16 Number 113 boiler update1