Sherman MK IV

Sherman Tank moves again under its own power after 50-years

Andy Selfe says, " This book is highly to be recommended for anybody with an interest in this subject. It covers the history from the beginnings of Tank development and has one A-Z up to 1945 and another from that date to the present, from which the scans below are typical examples. "


Sherman Tank moves again under its own power after 50-years

The Mk IV Sherman Tank that was made available by the South African Defence Force School of Armour in Bloemfontein and which has been undergoing major reengineering work for the last 8-months is now mobile. The following report has come in from Jan Fouche who is in charge of the restoration team.

"We drove the Sherman for the first time a week ago. It has got a lot of power and goes well. We however had a problem on the gearbox not selecting reverse. The guys from PK Bus Services came yesterday and corrected the problem.

Where have all the Shermans Gone?

Heritage - News

22nd August 2007

In a joint cooperative exercise between the School of Armour in Bloemfontein and the Sandstone Heritage Trust, an M4 Sherman is steadily being rebuilt as an exhibition vehicle to offer an opportunity to the public to see what the best of the best classic military fighting vehicles from the Second World War era looked like.

Photo from Peter Henry of the Sherman at COSMOS 2008