HTN 34 - An engine which is causing quite a stir.

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It's called a Daimler Industrial Diesel, London, and so far, no mention has been found of this marque (at least as far as Stationary Engines are concerned), by the leading researchers in UK.
A similar engine was manufactured by Porn & Dunwoody, a firm established in 1927, who specialised in the supply of bought-in spares for the German made Deutz engines until WW2. When it became impossible to obtain spares, they started making their own. Complete diesel engines were then produced bearing the name Uniporn.

Information above is gleaned from The A-Z of British Stationary Engines, by Patrick Knight.

It could be that this engine is a re-badged Uniporn: a similar close-up of such an engine would help to confirm or refute this theory. Investigation into Daimler Industrial Diesel's agents, Liddle, Ingram & Fullards Ltd would be interesting.


Hello Wilf,

This is what Patrick had to say about my letter below. Uniporn engines were made by a London company called Porn & Dunwoody.

Hi Andy

The engine certainly looks like a Uniporn, what with the London in the casting etc. I will have a look through my file and see if I can find anything more.



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Hello Patrick,

Just back from the show, here are the pictures of the Daimler Industrial, which I suspect is a Uniporn with the name ground off and a brass plate riveted over it. If not, then it's a new one!

Andy Selfe
A Uniporn engine