Stationary Engines

The Garrett Stationary Engine

The Garrett Stationary Engine

There are times when the Sandstone Heritage Collection turns up an item that was placed in storage many years ago and inadvertently forgotten! Recently a visitor to Sandstone was being shown around the shed containing our unrestored 2ft gauge locomotives and rolling stock when they came across an open  “B” wagon containing a large amount of machinery, some large, and some small, but obviously one machine.

The Climax Fire Pump

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Our next information sheet for the Stationary Engine Museum, compiled by Keith Simmons, is for the Climax Fire Pump.

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A Ruston rebuild. Chapter 1


Sandstone has had a large Ruston Stationary engine in the “to do” line for many years and now, thanks to the assistance  of Danie Pretorius, Curator of Sandstone’s Stationary Engine Museum, this magnificent engine is to be rebuilt for eventual use as a pumping engine for an irrigation system at Sandstone.

The Stationary Engine Collection

The Stationary Engine Collection

Stationary Engines are often overlooked compared with more impressive exhibits.

The smaller examples at Sandstone have their own dedicated Museum situated in the main complex and set up from scratch by volunteer Curator, Danie Pretorius and his energetic team. They have brought together all the stationary engines previously stored in various locations at Sandstone. Pride of the collection however is the National Engine, situated away from the main Stationary Engine Museum, at the Waenhuis. It drives the original generator system that supplied electricity to Hoekfontein Farm. Few visitors fail to notice the distinctive thump-thump from its exhaust when it is running.

Stationary engines have been the backbone of rural existence since the early 1900s, powering water pumps, generators and numerous other pieces of equipment and machinery requiring an independent power source, prior to the general availability of electricity. 

The preservation and restoration of stationary engines is a worldwide activity and leads to much exchange of information between enthusiasts, the Sandstone team is no exception.

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Wolseley Stationary Engines 1909 - 1975.

Wolseley Stationary Engines 1909 - 1975.


David Edgington has been researching Wolseley history, and the full range of engines, for around 30 years. This book, around 60 pages with over 100 illustrations, is the culmination of that research and has been painstakingly put together during the last 10 months. It covers Style 1 to 4, Alma, Pre-WD, WD1, WD8, WD9, WLB and the air-cooled engines, plus variations such as the Trojan especially supplied as exports to South Africa.

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Inventory of Stationary Engines as at October 2004

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News - Stationary Engines

1-Ruston & Hornsby
Size 450 Class AP No.127704
2-Massey Harris C34
3-1938 Fairbanks-Morse
Eclipse  No.808205
4-Ruston & Hornsby PR

5-Frank Hartop H

6-Cushman Cub R30

7-1924 Petter Junior
stat_engin_088-1920 Russell Newbery
stat_engin_09 9-1948 International Harvester LB
& MH4 Grinder. No.LBA137817
stat_engin_10 10-Massey Harris Type 2
stat_engin_11 11-1926 Fairbanks-Morse Z
stat_engin_12 12-1945 Fairbanks-Morse Z Style O
stat_engin_13 13-Lister Sheep Shearing Set
14-1919 Fairbanks-Morse Z 
15-1941 Fairbanks-Morse Z Style C 
16-Ruston & Hornsby 1X Class HR
17-1960 Wolseley (Vetsak) WD8
18-Lister LD
stat_engin_19 19-1959 Lister 6/1 Electric Flywheel
20-National Lighting Plant
21-1962-Lister 6/1
stat_engin_22 22-Yanmar NT10
No. F2979
23-Sendeling DM10
stat_engin_24 24-Uniporn Diesel Type O

25-Wolseley (Boeresake) WLB8
26-1934 Lister D / Lister Generator Spec13D2T
stat_engin_27 27-International Harvester LB 
stat_engin_28 28-1930 Lister D Spec 12D
29-1928 Lister Spec83K
stat_engin_30 30-Ruston & Hornsby PB
stat_engin_31 31-Lister A Tank Cooled
32-1920 Blackstone Hot Bulb
33-Texaco Chariot

List of Stationary Engines with Neville Botha

- The Bentall Maize Mill, Model 557.

- Blue Bentall (Oats Roller) , Model XRSE (SE for Sandstone Estates).
Made by Bentall & Co. Ltd, Heybridge, England.

- BMA Oats Roller Mill with electric motor (colour green). Made by R.
Hunt & Company Ltd, Earls Colne, England.

- Rusty red colour - Massey Harris mielie grinder (Brown colour) No. 6
(Safim Massey Harris No. 6 Grinder, Vreneka, South Africa)

- John Deere Mielie Sheller, No. 6694-C.

- Silver Manufacturing Company. Salim, Ohio. No. 8 Model. Shaft
Cutter - Patent D March 25 1890.

Maize Sheller (Made in United States of America). Northson Junior.
All wood.

HTN 34 - An engine which is causing quite a stir.

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

It's called a Daimler Industrial Diesel, London, and so far, no mention has been found of this marque (at least as far as Stationary Engines are concerned), by the leading researchers in UK.
A similar engine was manufactured by Porn & Dunwoody, a firm established in 1927, who specialised in the supply of bought-in spares for the German made Deutz engines until WW2. When it became impossible to obtain spares, they started making their own. Complete diesel engines were then produced bearing the name Uniporn.

HTN 49 - Sandstone Estates owns intriguing stationary engine

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

Come and join us at Sandstone Estates for our annual Harvest Festival!

In order to find out more about our Daimler engine a colleague of ours, Andy Selfe, contacted Stationary Engine Magazine. The attached appeared in their December edition.

HTN 57 - Pre-war National Engine continues to provide power at Hoekfontein Farm

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

17th March 2005

Hoekfontein is the central farm at Sandstone Estates and houses both the headquarters of the commercial farming operations and the heritage centre. A pre-war National engine which was apparently purchased second-hand by the Wille family who owned the farm for 150 years has remained in the same place where is has been for many years and is in immaculate working order. However, we don't have a clear idea of how old this engine is and if any readers of this article could throw some light on that we would be most grateful.

To provide background information on National engines we have re-produced details from Patrick Knights outstanding A to Z on stationary engines.

HTN 59 - Stationary engine open day at Neville Botha's - 2006 South Africa

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

Neville Botha, the doyen of stationary engine collectors in Southern Africa, held one of his popular annual Open Days at his home, some 70-kms from Johannesburg recently. Even though the weather was dreary the enthusiasts brightened up the day by showing their engines and support.

Neville is an inveterate collector of old items and has a wonderful cross-section of stationary engines, tractors, vintage cars, petrol memorabilia and agricultural machinery.  He also has a priceless collection of detailed items such as cream separators, tools, blow lamps, refrigerators, ox yokes and literally too many items to begin to list or photograph.

Neville’s Open Day is a relaxed affair in his garden on the banks of the Klip River.  The emphasis is “Bring your own – be it a machine, wife, mistress, or something to eat or drink”. 


Neville Botha in a jovial mood