Bloemfontein Workshops Update - April 2012

Due to the heavy demands made on our restoration facility in Bloemfontein, during the first quarter we saw a reduction in progress.

Lukas Nel has however updated us as follows:

Just a short update on our progress regarding the restoring of some of our locomotives in the depot but I believe most of the photos will tell the story.

A)   NGG11 number 52.

Heavy repairs to the boiler and number two end that is the part that carries the coal bunker are in progress.

We also managed to rebuild two cowcatchers for the locomotive. 


NGG11 fabricated two cowcatchers.

B) Avonside, No. 1624.

As the photo below shows the frames are very badly bent and the front parts broken off. We need to strip the frames and try for the third time to straighten and repair them. If we do not succeed this time we may need to renew the complete frame.


Avonside frames stripped.

C) O&K Locomotive, No. 12691.

We stripped locomotive O&K number 12691down to her frames and find the frames and cylinders in a very bad condition.


O&K 12691 frames under repair.

D) Arn Jung, No. 847. 

We repaired the axle boxes and start to fit the bearings. We still need to square the horn and wedges in the frames with the cylinders. We managed to fabricate most of the valve motion and also fabricate and repair the driving side rods with bushes.


New Vacuum ejector for Arn Jung, No. 847


Arn Jung axle box under repair.


Arn Jung valve motion.


Arn Jung Frames.

We have also managed to develop and fabricate a small size vacuum ejector for use on our smaller locomotives. We intend to fit the ejector on Arn Jung locomotive for testing.

As can be seen the locomotives we are rebuilding are in a parlous state... interesting when one considers that many of them came to us as scrap from Preservation organisations committed to saving them.