3ft 6" Cape Gauge

RN 166 - “Lyndie-Lou” steams again.

Sandstone Heritage Trust - Rail News 17th January 2006
In the cab: Left, driver Gert van Vuuren and Fireman Dirk Nagel.
Standing: John Dadford, Lyndie "Lou" and Wilfred Mole from Sandstone and Marlene Sturgeon from Rovos Rail.

RN 171 - New photos added to David Shepherd Tour article

 Sandstone Heritage Trust - Rail News

17th January 2006View Tessa Joughin's photo gallery - "Avril" >> (unfortunately this article is no longer available)
RN 158 - David Shepherd reunited with his South African 15F locomotive >>
RN 165 - A day to remember - by C.A. Janisch >>
3052 looks particularly smart having been attended to very diligently for nearly two weeks by the Sandstone Heritage Trust 2-ft narrow gauge team who put aside their normal work to get this locomotive ready for David Shepherd's visit.

RN 181 - Impressive Reefsteamers tour train comes to the Eastern Free State

Sandstone Heritage Trust - Rail News

RN 181 - Impressive Reefsteamers tour train comes to the Eastern Free State

All photographs courtesy and © Ralph Montagu

As Sandstone Estates' No. 49 steamed through Vailima on its usual Saturday morning trip to collect bales for the main farm, the Reefsteamers 25Nc and 15F (Dave Rogers tour) came past on the 3.6" and were able to catch a glimpse of Sandstone Estates narrow gauge hard at work. It was a rare
occasion for photographers to see 3.6" and narrow gauge side by side. As the Reefsteamers 25NC and 15F thundered into the distance one could here the echoes of the whistles greeting each other.

The Sandstone team were delighted to meet many old friends who were involved in the organisation of a British tour group that visited the Eastern Free State recently (give dates). Many of the passengers travelled with us on the Avontuur Adventurer trip last year and it was
nice seeing them again. Shaun Ackerman, one of the Reefsteamers loco crew, sent us this e-mail
along with some great photographs. Photgraphs © Ralph Montagu
Click on the images for a better view.

RN 198 - Unique 3'6" freight wagons move into line for restoration and movement

Sandstone Heritage Trust - Rail News

RN 198 - Unique 3'6" freight wagons move into line for restoration and movement

This interesting line-up of old South African Railways workers accommodation wagons are being restored to their original state. Once complete they will be moved on site to Hoekfontein to join their colleagues. Old freight wagons bring back very special memories of days gone by. Each vehicle was built for a specific purpose and they help tremendously to define what our railways were all about 50 or more years ago.

HTN 20 - Return of the Giants a big hit in New Zealand

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

On another subject, remember I arranged for a copy of Return of the Giants to be sent to Kerry Young in NZ? Well, I've been waiting on tenterhooks for him to watch it, knowing what the response would be.

Firstly, this came:
I'm here to lay on record that the video is without doubt, the best of its type I have ever seen. 'Return Of the Giants' should be seen nationwide.

My greatest testament to the quality of the production is to say that my wife, a sworn non believer in things rail, saw the entire show from one end to the other. Quite to my amazement. As a documentary of its type, it has no peer. What a wonderful insight into your country’s natural attractions.


Sandstone Heritage Trust Ficksburg Loco Shed - Cape Gauge

Railway Storage facility for 3'6" locomotives and rolling stock

It is not well known but we have a major Railway storage facility for 3'6" locomotives and rolling stock in Ficksburg itself. This facility recently came under attack from scrap thieves and we lost a considerable number of valuable parts from some of the locomotives. It has been decided to shut down this facility and so we are currently debating where to locate the items.

RN 170 - A day to remember - by John Ashworth

Sandstone Heritage Trust - Rail News

23rd May 2006

Subject: Re: a day to remember
Hi Chris,

I was the fireman on 3052 who provided you with all that nice smoke you ordered (well, with a bit of help from the mechanical stoker!) and I just want to reinforce what you say - it was indeed "a day to remember".

We had been in Ficksburg since Tuesday to prepare the loco. We had already taken her to Komandonek the day before to extract our two NZs and four coaches from the string of old vehicles in the siding there.
That was hard work - couplers refused to couple and uncouple, every vehicle seemed to have vacuum leaks, and many had vacuum pipes in awkward positions necessitating the use of double-ended extension pipes. The Spoornet pilot and track official from Bethlehem who helped us with the shunt were invaluable - in fact they were great for the whole event, and we want to express our thanks to them - it was a pleasure working with them.