Coach 8041 lifted to safety

Coach 8041 which was built in 1902 for the Cape Government Railways has been obtained from Transnet Foundation (TF) by Sandstone Heritage Trust. Originally thought to be a “Missionary” coach or Medical Officer’s coach it is now believed that it was an Officials Coach. Originally built as a 4 wheel vehicle it was modified in 1929 by the addition of a steel underframe and a bogie at one end. It was removed from the railway’s asset register in 1978 and placed at De Aar in the company of 6th Class 462.
The  coach was moved to Millsite Depot as part of the National Collection but some 29 years in the elements has severely damaged the body and it was due to be scrapped. With the historical significance of the coach, Sandstone decided to lease lend it from TF. The extraction was difficult as the coach was parked between a flat wagon and 4E electric locomotive, E219, which could not be shunted to clear the coach. Nevertheless Des Clarke and the Sandstone team successfully lifted it clear and it is now on its way to Sandstone for restoration.
Our pictures show the lift and John Middleton’s picture shows 8041 at De Aar with 6th Class 462 in 1975.

Steam train coach 4

Steam Train Coach Safety1

Steam Train Coach 2

Steam Train Coach 3

Steam Train Coach 5

Steam Train lifted to safety