A number plate for NG16a number 155

NG16a number155

NG16A number155A

As the restoration of NGG16A proceeds, the time has come to order the various number plates and builders plates for the loco. While this is in hand were pleased to receive a call from Charlie Lewis, one of the founders of the privatised Alfred County Railway from Port Shepstone to Harding, who created NGG16A number 155. Mr Lewis has kindly donated to Sandstone the only remaining original NGG16A number plate made for the locomotive in 1990. We shall be ordering a sister number plate as well as the others required but Sandstone would like to express its thanks to Mr Lewis for this very kind gesture. 

The plate was collected by Sandstone supporter, Andy Selfe, from Mr Lewis in Cape Town. Our gallery shows the plate and the handover. Mr Lewis is in the blue shirt and shorts.