Something special

A few days ago our fine team in our Livestock Department successfully in-spanned 36 Afrikaner Oxen pulling one wagon. We have been doing a considerable amount of research on how big these spans really were and the closest we really came to an accurate assessment was from some photographs taken in the Anglo Boer Way by a British Officer which clearly indicated there were 34 oxen pulling a wagon through the Wilge River. We then also received written confirmation of this achievement in a letter sent back to the UK. We can assume therefore that 34 was the maximum number ever in-spanned because the Officer in question expressed astonishment at the sight. We decided to go one better and in-span 36. If you look closely at the photo below you will see that there are some very young oxen in the span but this is also very good for them because it is part of their training routine. We will be in-spanning 36 during Stars 2019 but only on a few occasions because we need to rest them so the rest of the time there will be oxen in-spanned in teams of about a dozen at a time but they will be in-spanned all day, every day for those that would like to see them up close. See also the video of this achievement: