After many years of service, with many replacement fittings being added, the remaining NG10’s at Humewood Road in Port Elizabeth were fitted with a less than inspiring stovepipe chimney for practical reasons as remanufacturing the original style would have been quite a process,. Number 61 also gained one of these chimneys during its life but with the mastery of Lukas Nel and his team in Bloemfontein, 61 has been fitted with a newly manufactured original style chimney. Our pictures show the chimney after manufacture and then fitted to the locomotive. For reference we have included a picture from Leith Paxton of number 61 with the stovepipe version. No contest really!

Class NG10 No.61

PHOTO 2018 10 02 09 25 31

PHOTO 2018 10 02 15 06 16

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