Military Vehicles

For some years now the Sandstone Heritage Trust has worked closely with the Armour Museum in Bloemfontein to identify historically significant Classic Military vehicles to rescue them and to restore them to working order. From time to time special events are held which showcase these vehicles to the general public. This is in line with the Defence Force's desire to be seen as a valuable contributor to society in many different ways. We are currently working on an expansion of our relationship with the museum and this will be reflected in more news on Classic Military Vehicles on our web site.


Our pictures give an indication of the vehicles which are jointly owned and operated by the School of Armour and in association with our Narrow Gauge railway and in association with some of South Africa's top vintage and classic aircraft, many of which have a military origin. Our photographs show both a Tiger Moth and a pair of Harvards which joined us recently for one of our joint military vehicle displays. It is our intention to further develop our relationship with organisations such as the Harvard Club of South Africa and the Tiger Moth Club of South Africa.

Ferrets’ Restoration

Visitors to Stars of Sandstone 2017 will recall the immaculately restored Marmon-Herrington Mk IV A…

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Military Vehicles

We have put together some fact sheets on our Military Vehicle collection.

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Marmon Herrington Mk4 Armoured Car

Marmon Herrington Mk4 Armoured Car


For the latest update on progress, click here.

There two more updates on the blog…

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Marmon Herrington Restoration. You can follow all the updates on this exciting project by clicking o…

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A further update on the Marmon-Herrington restoration. Click on the links below to YouTube to see he…

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Andy Selfe has made some significant progress on the Marmon-Herrington armoured car restoration over…

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The Marmon-Herrington armoured car 7 Dec 2016

After a gap of some weeks, some progress again, this time on the front brakes.
Click on the li…

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Report on 1SSB

Report on 1SSB

On 10th July 2015 a group of 1SSB headed by Fanus Buys came for a walking tour. They…

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Katyusha Rocket Launcher


One of the more interesting items in our Military Vehicle collection is our Katyusha Rocket…

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Leyland DAF truck acquired for Military Division

The Sandstone Heritage Trust Military Division has acquired a very useful ex British Army, ex Iraqi…

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