We have many photographs of NG10 number 61 in service in Port Elizabeth thanks to Leith Paxton who extensively photographed the narrow gauge system in the Eastern Cape in the late 50’s and 60’s. We also have, courtesy of Leith, a copy of the original Baldwin works photograph of number 61 as constructed. This clearly shows the fitment of a front window in the cab but after many years in service with the SAR this had been removed and plated over as the picture of number 61 at Humewood Road in 1961 shows. The theory is that this glass was very susceptible to breakage in service and was thus removed. Our decision is to fit the window as originally built to number 61, probably with tempered glass to avoid breakage from day to day knocks.

Class NG10 No.61 Humewood Rd Photo Leith Paxton Copy

Class NG10 No. 61 Baldwin Works. coll Leith Paxton Copy