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An interesting article which appeared in the August edition of Hapshire Life magazine.

22nd August 2007

The close relationship between the Beaulieu Estate and the Sandstone Heritage Trust has been well documented, both on our web site and in the press, particularly in the UK. 

To provide further background to the person behind the Beaulieu Light Railway project, namely Ralph Montagu, we attach an interesting article which appeared in the August edition of Hampshire Life magazine. This is a detailed article which deals with Ralph's long-term vision for the Beaulieu Estate but once again the association between Beaulieu and Sandstone is covered, and we quote;

"Travelling the world, visiting countries with working steam, Ralph has struck up a friendship with Wilf Mole, a South African who set up the Sandstone Heritage Trust. Wilf has built his own railway, but owns a lot more narrow gauge locomotives than he can use and he has discussed loaning locomotives to Beaulieu if Ralph is able to build a railway there (hence the current display of the delightful little engine at the Motor Museum from the Sandstone Heritage Trust as a kind of taster)."

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