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Sandstone's 1910 Peerless truck comes to the fore.

The project that we have been contemplating for some time is the conversion of our 1910 Peerless into a First World War infantry carrier. They were used extensively in the First World War and the model that we have is identical - in fact it carries a plate that was supplied by the same company that supplied the UK MOD in the period 1914-1918. Many of these trucks were acquired from private owners, which may well be what happened to our Peerless. After the war it ended up in South Africa where it carried bricks for 40-years from the brick fields outside Grahamstown into town. In fact it is said that most of the bricks for most of the government buildings in Grahamstown were carried on the back of this old truck.

An American enthusiast has written to us giving us some thoughts and advice. We publish the letter herewith. The article he refers to is on our site here.

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