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Restoration of McLaren Traction engine No. 767

Update 18th February 2008

Due to a problem with the firebox tube plate material (which had to be returned to the suppliers) progress with the firebox was held up. I was hoping to have this completed about 3 weeks ago, however new material arrived and I should have the firebox completed and fitted next week.

Nevertheless, we have been kept very busy in the numerous items we have manufactured. Apart from the firebox we have re-bored the cylinders and fitted to the boiler, also new piston rings, cylinder covers and valve covers complete with top safety valve cover have been manufactured and fitted.

We have also completely overhauled the Differential including new bushes and pins on the planetary gears and the main centre bush of the Differential has been skimmmed and the relative bevel gear on which the Differential runs has been machined, sleeved, machined again to suit the Differential centre bush.

Countershaft journals have been welded up and re-machined and the Bearing Housing has been re-bushed.

During the last month we have also fitted steel bands to the wheels and have sent them to the relevant people to have them rubberised.

Keith Stevens

Smoke Box Chimney Base repaired

Re-boring Cylinders

Re-boring Cylinders

Welding steel bands to wheels ready for rubberising


Wheels ready to go for rubberising 0730 - Loading wheels

Cylinders fitted to Boiler

Machining Differential

Main drive pinion welded up and re-machined

Countershaft Journals welded up and re-machined and Bearing Housing re-bushed (on the left)


Drilling Planetary Gear Pins for removal and replacement

Pistons fitted and new covers manufactured for the Cylinders and Valves

Riveting Firebox

Wheels in the process of being rubberised

Re-bushing Planetary Gears

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