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Restoration of McLaren Traction engine No. 767

Update 13th November 2007

As you can see (below) we have been very industrious and made very good headway especially as the weather has not been at all favourable during the last month with heavy deluges of rain (and most of our work is done outdoors). We found that the drive shaft was badly bent and had to be straightened before we could weld up the journals. We have devoted most of our time during the last month in assembling, riveting and caulking the boiler as you will see from the attached photographs. I have also fabricated the new front axle pivot for the boiler and I am now involved in manufacturing the smoke box and then I will start on the fire box. If all goes well I would like to think we should have the boiler completed towards the end of next month. We have also fitted and riveted new spokes in the front wheels.


During the last month the wheels for O & K Locomotive 12493 and 12140 were re-gauged and re-profiled. The wheels for O & K Locomotive No. 11112 were re-profiled only.

A wheel on O & K Locomotive 11112 gave us a problem as one of the wheels refused to move but after much ado we sent the wheel out to a bigger press to resolve the problem.

Re-profiling went reasonable well apart from very hard spots on the flanges.

All these wheels were completed and are awaiting collection.

Straightening the drive shaft


Finished Tube Plate

Completed Backhead

Finishing touches to Locomotive Wheels

Riveting up the Backhead and Throat Plate to the Top Wrapper

Horn plates riveted to Firebox end

Job done

Fitting Boiler Barrel to Firebox end

It's in

Drilling and Reaming Throat Plate

Fitting new spokes in front wheel
Riveting in spokes

Front axle support for Boiler