Bloemfontein Shed

Sandstone Heritage Trust, Bloemfontein workshops.

Although Sandstone is reasonably well known as a destination it is less well known that we operate a major locomotive refurbishment programme at our Bloemfontein workshops. This is located in the old Steam Depot which was the home of constant Steam activity for many decades.

Sandstone rail bicycle

Lukas and his team have added another project to the list of items being restored or INVENTED!!

Sandstone-2013-009 w

Loco restoration update

Loco restoration update 


Bloemfontein carries out repairs on Lawley NG6, No. 106 and Fowler B5 Road locomotives

Both these locomotives required fairly extensive work to make them current and to make sure they passed a boiler inspection.  The Lawley is now complete while the Fowler has just left for Bloemfontein for a complete retube.


Arn Jung 847 nears completion

Update October 2012
It is always a joy when a locomotive suddenly takes shape and looks like it should look.  It is a testament to Lukas Nel and his skilled team that this abandoned locomotive from the Angolan bush could emerge as good as new.

The injectors and oil piping has now been fitted and coupled.



Arn Jung Loco No. 847.

Our Bloemfontein works has worked up a head of steam.  Daily progress is now tangible…


Our photo shows fabricated chimney and dome casing fitted.


Bloemfontein Report Avonside No. 1624.

Update - October 2012

Our Bloemfontein Workshops report that they continue to make steady progress.  The frames have now been assembled after having been straightened and repaired.  Running boards are currently being manufactured and fitted.



Bloemfontein Workshops Update - April 2012

Due to the heavy demands made on our restoration facility in Bloemfontein, during the first quarter we saw a reduction in progress.

Lukas Nel has however updated us as follows:

Just a short update on our progress regarding the restoring of some of our locomotives in the depot but I believe most of the photos will tell the story.

A)   NGG11 number 52.

Heavy repairs to the boiler and number two end that is the part that carries the coal bunker are in progress.

We also managed to rebuild two cowcatchers for the locomotive. 


NGG11 fabricated two cowcatchers.

Bloemfontein Steam Workshop Year End Progress Report

2011 was a very busy a year as the Sandstone Bloemfontein Workshop. Lucas Nel and his team had their hands full restoring, maintaining and rebuilding various locomotives.

As 2011 draws to close six locomotives are in various states of restoration and refurbishment. However the main focus in the workshop at the moment is NGG11 number 52.

Detailed below is a list with the status of locomotives being worked on in Bloemfontein.

Progress report on NGG11, No. 52

23 October 2011

We are able to report progress on the ground up restoration of the NGG11.  This locomotive was in an almost irreparable condition and after nearly a year it would appear on the surface that little progress was being made.  However, the work that is being done is of fundamental importance as these pictures show.

We had to lift the boiler out of the frames to do some major repairs to the outer firebox. It was possible to complete the massive task to repair the front tube plate.


Progress Report – Bloemfontein – 29 July 2011

Kerr Stuart, No. 4063, locomotive.

Totally restored after the boiler mishap resplendent in its new colours.