More dining space at Sandstone.

Ex SAR Dining Car Number 218, “Riet” has been moved from its storage area at Sandstone to be positioned next to the Waenhuis dining area for the upcoming Stars of Sandstone event. 218 was moved from the storage shed on rail and then lifted off its rail bogies and placed on road bogies for the one kilometre move to its new home where it will be reunited with its sister, Number 198, “Umgeni” to form a prestige dining area at Sandstone. Once in position it will be lifted off the road bogies and placed on rail bogies on a length of track.

“Riet” was built in 1928 as an A-22 type by the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company in the UK. After shipment to South Africa it was placed in service in South Africa on February 3rd 1928. It was withdrawn in December 1980 and sold to the famous “Train Restaurant” in Halfway House now Midrand. This restaurant became a famous Johannesburg landmark with such delicacies as crocodile and snake on the menu. The restaurant closed in 2002 after the owner was severely injured in a shooting incident and 218 together with two other A-22 dining cars, 198 “Umgeni” and 215 Kowie”, and AA-23 type kitchen car 253 were put on auction. Sandstone acquired the vehicles and moved them by road to Boksburg East Station and then by rail to Sandstone.

Number 198 was restored some years ago and has given service as a dining area at many Sandstone events. 218 has been restored over the last two years and once in position will be given a final coat of exterior paint before it greets its first diners at Stars of Sandstone 2017.

Our pictures show 218 being moved out of the shed onto road bogies and then the short road trip to its new home.

IMG 20170314 WA0000


IMG 20170314 WA0001


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IMG 20170314 WA0016


Dining Car 218 safely in its new home!

Ex SAR Dining Car “Riet” is now in position for Stars of Sandstone 2017.

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