HTN 36 - A question to our readers:

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HTN 36 - A question to our readers:


"An old container that was used for storage at the Sandstone Heritage Trust
contains this logo. We are keen to identify it. Do any of our web site
viewers recognise it?"

Please post any comments or suggestions to:

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Current feedback:
From Andy Selfe: "A word on the Veritas question, there is are a firm / firms dealing with sea safety like Lloyds of London called Veritas, one certainly called Det Norske Veritas. I see there is a sailing ship in the background....

What sort of storage container is it?"

The logo belongs to the following company:
They appear to be a massive company (established 1828) and amongst other things are involved in shipping. Strange that they used "Lorelei" as their logo as legend has it that she lured sailors to their death.
According to German legend, there was once a beautiful young maiden, named Lorelei, who threw herself headlong into the river in despair over a faithless lover. Upon her death she was transformed into a siren and could from that time on be heard singing on a rock along the Rhine River, near St. Goar. Her hypnotic music lured sailors to their death. The legend is based on an echoing rock with that name near Sankt Goarshausen, Germany.

Attached is the modern version of their Logo (which I have on computer). Be careful with the old one on the container - don't let it get damaged and I'll photograph it and redraw it when I go down to Sandstone.
I spent time on your website tonight and can see that it has been re-organised. One problem is that on the stationary engine page the thumbnail pics are there but when you click on them for the bigger picture you get a page not found" error. I think that the larger pics have been moved to a different folder. - Jerry Evans

Subject: Veritas Logo on the website
Date: 10 October 2005 2:13:08 PM

Hi all,

So I wasn't far off when I wrote in to Joanna a while back suggesting the Veritas Logo had a shipping insurance background. The website mentioned 'container' but not what kind of container, I realise only now it was a shipping container!

Andy Selfe