HTN 43 - Vintage Combine Ex. Lesotho

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The Massey Harris 60, found in Lesotho is part of a very famous family of self-propelled combines. M-H pioneered the concept of self-propelled combines, firstly with the model 20, soon replaced by the famous 21. This was the first practical machine of its type for the average small grain farmer, and found immediate favour with Prairie farmers in North America. During the war, most Ag machinery production was curtailed in favour of military vehicles and munitions, but M-H managed to convince the government that the 21 would make an appreciable difference to food production, and production was boosted. So began the famous Harvesting campaign, with fleets of 21’s starting in the South and moving North up the continent as the wheat ripened – immortalised in the film “Wild Harvest”.

Some 21’s were exported to Britain to help with food production, which eventually led to M-H building a Combine factory in Kilmarnock, Scotland.
The 21 spawned a whold series of similar, but improved machines, firstly the 26, then the 60, 80, 82 and 92.

British variants, with either Austin TVO or Perkins Diesel engines as opposed to the Canadian Chrysler, were the 726 and 780. France produced the 892 with a Perkins P6 Diesel.
Massey Ferguson claimed in the late 50’s that some 75% of the World’s harvest was reaped with M-F combines! A tall story perhaps, but certainly the classic M-H design was enormously popular and dependable.

MODEL: 60RT-965-614K93

Sandstone’s 60 has a “Chrysler 6 Cylinder Side Valve” engine. Despite being outside for many years, it appears restorable and will no doubt soon be at work again. By it’s registration, it appears to have originally been sold in Clocolan. It is not clear how long it has been in Lesotho.