HTN 147 - Model Field Marshall dating back to 1947

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

19th October 2006

Most low beds have hydraulic winches fitted. They are expensive and theyrequire that the mechanical horse have hydraulics fitted. Sandstone Estates has a much better idea. We carry a single cylinder Series II contractors model Field Marshall dating back to 1947. Not only does this tractor have a very powerful winch fitted to it but it can move around, leave the vehicle, tow the item that needs to be loaded into position, then climb back on the truck and winch the item on.

This is all for a few litres of diesel. Field Marshall tractors are amongst the most charismatic of all vintage tractors ever made. They are powerful, they are reliable, and in the case of the contractors version particularly immensely flexible. The photograph shows our Field Marshall perched on top of a low bed where it spends a good bit of its time.