HTN 149 - Sandstone has acquired a wonderful old 1955 AEC Lorry

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

27th October 2006

The Sandstone Heritage Trust has acquired from Colin Healey, a well known preservationist and master steam roller driver, restorer and collector, nothing less than a wonderful old 1955 AEC Lorry.
This solid old beast is in perfect working condition and will be (surprise, surprise) put to use for both Sandstone Estates and the Sandstone Heritage Trust in a haulage role.

Many of the loads that we collect are far too small for our big tri-axle low beds, and we have up to now had nothing which could be deployed to move smaller loads. Its first job will be to accompany the newly restored Sentinel S4 steam truck on a long road run where it will provide back-up in the form of fuel etc.
Strangely enough the Sentinel is quicker than the AEC so we will have to stop on the side of the road occasionally to let the old AEC catch up.

This is another example of living preservation. Why bring a modern back-up vehicle when you can bring something that is nearly as old as the Sentinel itself.

The following information has been kindly supplied by Colin Healey.

Thanks Colin, you are a star.