HTN 162 - The Sandstone Heritage Trust brings out the oldies.

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

4th December 2006

At this time of the year there are many jobs around the farm which can be handled by reliable old tractors, such as the Field Marshall Series III. In this case it is planting cosmos for decorative purposes. Our photographs shows Charles Viljoen raking in the seed with an old type harrow.

Picture No. 77: In a barn adjacent to the field there is a wealth of Field Marshall spares. These are only some of the many Field Marshalls which the Sandstone Heritage Trust has accumulated over the years.

The Field Marshall is an extremely versatile machine and can switch duties in a few moments. After a day's work the Series III, which has hauled the seed and fertilizer to the lands, returns home. Having parked the tractor in the shed our web update photographer asked Charles, "Why don't you turn the machine off?"
Charles said, "I cannot bring myself to do it - it sounds too beautiful."

Field Marshall fans will know what he is talking about.