HTN 178 - 1907 International Harvester Model B Farmer's Auto

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24th January 2007

2007 is the year that we bring our classic cars, military vehicles, vintage cars, and old commercial vehicles out of retirement and into the sunlight.
Our completely original 1907 International is in running order and simply needs a good service.

Sadly it is too modern for the London to Brighton Run.

At the beginning of this new century, one of the most popular cars is the 'all purpose vehicle,' one that can carry the groceries, the lumber for weekend projects, and take the family on an outing. In 1907, the International Harvester Company introduced an earlier version of the 'one car to do everything' - the Auto-Wagon. With the rear seat removed, the Auto-Wagon could participate in daily work around the farm, and on Sunday with the rear seat in place, it could also carry the family to church in style. Sold through International dealers that traditionally handled farm equipment, and built purposely to look as much like a buggy as possible, these 'high-wheelers' had solid rubber tires and large wheels to allow for high clearance on the unpaved country roads.

More background information on these earlier International records would be appreciated.
1907 International Harvester Model B Farmer's Auto