HTN 186 - Kelsey tour group has a successful visit to the Sandstone Heritage Trust

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

22nd February 2007

The Tractor & Machinery Holiday Club group, part of the Kelsey Publishing organisation group of companies, visited Sandstone Estates as part of their extensive tour of heritage facilities in South Africa. Members of the group included citizens from the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. The group arrived on Sunday morning (18th) and were invited to participate in a wide variety of ongoing activities. Traction engines, a Sentinel S4 Steam lorry, vintage tractors, traditional Afrikaner oxen, and of course the well-known Sandstone Narrow Gauge 2-ft railway were all in operation. We were impressed by the way in which members of this tour group got involved and participated in many aspects of the weekend's activities.

Probably for many the highlight of the day was the double headed Garratt, NGG 16, No. 153 and the NGG 13, No. 49, hauled mixed freight train which left Hoekfontein Station at 17h30 for a complete trip around the entire system. Photographic conditions were good but the train did return after dark due to a broken coupling that had to be sorted out en route.

Fortunately the visitors took all these things in their stride and being collectors and preservationists themselves appreciated the fact that many of the items that they were enjoying were well over 100-years old.
Our thanks to all who participated and particularly the Sandstone Estates management and staff who worked tirelessly to ensure that this particular group enjoyed what was on offer.

The combined expansion of Pretoria to the south and Johannesburg to the north have almost entirely surrounded the farm with high density housing. However, life goes on very much as it did 40-years ago. Our picture shows the group posing in front of a Field Marshall Series II, an Emerson Brantingham Big 4-20, and a Field Marshall Series III. A Massey Ferguson 35 is obscured from view.

A working demonstration was given. Charles Viljoen is shown on a John Deere Model A and Wilfred Mole on a Field Marshall Series III. The group has now completed their tour of South Africa and are on their way