A view from the top

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A view from the top

3rd September 2007

Although we have many thousands of visitors to the Sandstone Heritage Trust, very few of them climb to the top of our grain silos to look down. Recently all our historic freight wagons were moved from Kommandonek Siding to the main complex where they now stand fully restored in preservation so that visitors can get a closer look at them. With the demise of steam tourism on the Eastern Free State line there is not much point in maintaining a heritage presence at one of the two 3'6" branch line sidings that would traditionally have been used for passenger embarkation on the farm.

We have therefore moved these historic wagons. One of the more interesting wagons is an elephant circus wagon which is painted yellow and which can be seen in one of the attached photographs. A summary of some of the interesting wagons that SAR&H used to use in their heyday is covered in the attached scan of an old publication. Notice the circus wagon is featured on the bottom right hand corner of the second page.

We are currently looking for an elephant to take up residence of this wagon as a means of enhancing our vision of "living preservation".