Visitors flock to Sandstone Estates - Makarios Goue Jare Klub

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Visitors flock to Sandstone Estates - Makarios Goue Jare Klub

13th December 2007

From Childrens groups to specialist international steam enthusiasts as well as old folk.. they all come to enjoy the special sandstone experience.. Makarios Goue Jare Klub

A group off 30 old age people from the Goue Jare Klub in Virginia visited Sandstone Estates recently. They came from Theunissen, Welkom , Virginia and Henneman.

They worked very hard to make sure this tour is possible, selling pancakes and hamburgers for weekends and weekends!

The weekend break started with tour to Fouriesburg staying over at Meiringskloof where they enjoyed breakfast in the morning. Then they depart to visit Sandstone Estates.

The group arrived at 9h00 and enjoyed some coffee and tea in the Waenhuis. After that, they had a train ride to Grootdraai and back to the station like in the old days.

Sandstone Estates presented each of them with a gift. They enjoyed a three course lunch in the Waenhuis and went off for a tour though the tractor sheds. Photos were taken at the Waenhuis after lunch before they left each with there gift in the hand.

Next year they would like to come back with a much bigger group. We received many phone calls the next day thanking Sandstone for the wonderful time this old age group had on the farm.