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RN 29 - WHo needs a fancy gym?




In all Johannesburg's major cities, and particularly in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, are large, flashy gyms and health facilities encouraging the local population to get their bodies fit and looking great. Never mind that many of these people rock up in their flash 4 x 4s and BMWs and are in pretty poor shape anyway, it's the in thing to do and the place to be seen, and not inexpensive either.

Residents in the platteland don't have the 'benefit' of such establishments, but judging by the look of Ben, one of Sandstone's young steam workshop staff, they certainly don't need one. Note the well tanned body and bulging muscles, all the product of the Sandstone bogie pushing routine, which comes free with any day's work. Also part of the Sandstone Fitness Programme is stripping down and reassembling wagons and locos and the steam sauna treatment, shovelling coal on a loco footplate. As you can see in the background where there are a number of stored narrow gauge wagons in need of restoration there's no chance of anyone getting old and flabby on the Sandstone Fitness Programme, nor any need for the Dr. XYZ 32 steps to a slimmer body type diets.

So, rather than pay loads of money for a gym membership, get down to your nearest steam preservation society and get stuck into pushing bogies, shovelling coal and ash, fixing locos, painting, welding, hammering, retubing and all the other important tasks associated with keeping steam locos running and you too could have a body like this!

You'll then be able to cancel your membership of 'Virgin on the Inactive' or 'Planet Fatness' and save a bundle of cash as well!