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RN 46 - Old rail wagon found at Gumtree

A few weeks ago we got a call from a farmer near Gumtree that he had an old rail wagon on his farm and would we like to come and collect it or he was going to sell it for scrap. Needless to say a truck was dispatched immediately and an old four wheel relic with very lightweight steel chassis was retrieved and brought back to Sandstone Heritage Trust.

RN46_01old_pattern_bolted_w RN46_02_another_view_of_w

You will see from the accompanying photographs of it upside down on a narrow gauge wagon that it has no visible means of identification. The axleboxes are of a very old type bolted together in two halves with a lift up flap for adding oil for maintenance purposes.
There is a casting mark on one of the tyres which reads H Krupp 89 11 9 8 which may mean it was cast by Krupp in 1889, perhaps for the NZASM railway? Pure conjecture on our part, hopefully one of the wagon officianados can provide more definite identification and dating.