2ft Narrow Gauge

Steam Report 26 Sept

Steam Report Sept 2016

On Saturday the 24th of September we had our Heritage day event and have steamed Class NGG 16’s numbers 153 And 88 to haul the train over the mountains.

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Sandstone Estates Steam Railway News 14 Sept 2016

Steam railway news 14 September
During the last week and a half we have pulled out all the Stationary Boilers and Traction Engines from the Vintage Shed for washouts and same time preparing them for Boiler Inspections.

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Class NG10 South African Railways Number 61. The restoration begins.


The sole surviving NG10 narrow gauge pacific has been in the Sandstone collection for a number of years

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Sandstone Estates Steam Railway News 06 Sept 2016

The last month we have spend quite a lot of time washing out our boilers. The past week or so we have washed 5 boilers and only need to washout number 4063 to complete the washout of all the locomotives in our fleet. Below: Images of Sezela being washed out.

Sanstone Steam Railway News

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Sandstone Estates Steam Railway News 19 Aug 2016

The past week we have washed out 6 Locomotive boilers, our Class NGG 16 number 153, the Barclay, Peckett, O&K 2510, O&K 4102 and O&K 10311.

Steam Railway News 19 Aug2016

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Sandstone Estates Steam Railway News 8 Aug 2016

During the last week we had 4 train trips on the Sandstone Steam Railway. Last Saturday we steamed our Lawley For the 80th Birthday of Liz Hindle’s father and had a short trip to Grootdraai and back.

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Sandstone Steam Railway News

25 July 2016
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NGG11 News.

The front tank has now been fitted and work has begun on the mechanical lubricator, sanders and cylinder drain cocks. The number plates have also arrived from the manufacturer plus the works plates. As was the practice of Beyer Peacock at the time (1919) there is no works number shown. Not long to go now!
Photography by Lukas Nel

IMG 20160719 WA0001


Sandstone Estates Steam Railway News 18 July 2016

We now have started full time with the earthmoving work that is needed before we can construct the new 2,49Km tracks. Des and his people did a excellent job this week in widening the dam wall as well as opening the road through the Forest.

Sandstone Estates Steam Railway News 18 July 2016

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Hoekfontein workshop update wagon and carriage restorations.

A number of DZ's have been taken out of our salvage yard and are being restored to full operating condition. In addition two more open passenger units are being completed to bring our consist up to four. These are typically used with our little Decauville, Bathala, and our Kerr Stuart locomotive, Little Bess. We have been a bit light with regard to proper DZ consists and we have had inadequate passenger coach accommodation for the small locomotives.

27.09.13 014

Railway History Group

Wren Locos

By Robin Lake in South Africa 

There are a couple of tenuous leads pointing to the possibility of Kerr, Stuart & Co Ltd “Wren” class locomotives being used on the fourteen kilometre long 60 cm gauge service line laid from Brits West to Hartbeespoort Dam during the building of the latter over 1918-1925.

In 1921 the Director of Irrigation reported that in March of that year two steam locomotives were secured “from the Air Force Authorities” for use on the line. 

From KS records we know that four Wrens were consigned to “SAR Delagoa Bay” (no date given but before 1930), namely works numbers 4006, 4013, 4014 and 4015. This is gleaned from a manuscript entry alongside these numbers in the KS engine register. However, the KS shipping specification ledgers bear no evidence of such a consignment. This suggests that some party other than KS arranged the export of these four Wrens.

Update on the Sandstone Narrow Gauge network

The team from Flint Construction will be back for 4-months laying additional lines and repairing sections that are not entirely up to specification.  They started work laying storage lines into the new section of the 2-ft Narrow Gauge storage building which is now very substantial.  We will in fact have far more accommodation than we have items to put under cover but no doubt the inventory will change over time.

Our ability to continue with our track laying programme is entirely due to the close cooperation we receive from Transnet with regard to the purchase of surplus Narrow Gauge turnouts from the Port Shepstone yard that is currently being dismantled.



Lawley NG6, No. 233

Update from Lukas Nel – 30 July 2012

We beat all the tube ends in the firebox and intend to start the hydraulic testing of the boiler on 2nd August. We set one week aside to complete the hydraulic testing of the boiler. We still need to replace the smoke box front of the locomotive boiler and fit the smoke box door before we can start repairs to the faulty injectors and the bad slipping of the locomotive.

Below are two photos of the finished product of the beating of the tube ends of the firebox side of the boiler.



Progress report on Avonside, No. 1624

Simultaneously with the major NGG11 restoration  work continues on the Avonside No. 1624.

The photographs below show the broken frames which are being rebuilt.  Both of them are badly damaged and bent.



Archive photos of NGG11, No. 54

NGG11, No. 54 was moved to the Sandstone Heritage Trust for safekeeping.  We have had good support from people around the world who have previous recollections of this locomotive and who have taken photographs of it.  Here are some excellent pictures sent to us by John Middleton to whom we are indebted for his assistance.