2ft Narrow Gauge

NGG11 No: 52 steams at Sandstone

After an extensive overhaul by the Sandstone team at Bloemfontein under Lukas Nel, NGG11 Garratt No: 52 has completed its first run on the Sandstone system after being moved there in the last week. Apart from a short steam test in 2016 in Bloemfontein this is its first steaming since being retired from Rustenberg Platinum Mines around 1972 where she was their No: 7. The locomotive will undergo more loaded commissioning trials over the next few days.

Our picture gallery shows her in the Hoekfontein Station area.

IMG 7837


Steam Report 22 Dec 2016

Steam Report 22 Dec 2016

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Steam Report December 2016

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Here is our latest steam report, a mega edition for December!

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91 Class diesel

91 000 diesel

Some new drawings and information.

The Transnet Library with kind assistance from Yolanda Meyer has been extremely helpful to Sandstone over the years we have been restoring locos. They recently assisted us with some drawings of the 91 Class and a short article on the units by Leith Paxton originally published in SA Rail in 2000.

Class 91 Diesel Eelectric Locomotives of the SAR PDF


Bloemfontein Update on NGG11 number 52.

With the number plates fitted, number 52 is almost complete but work is still required to rectify some excessive side play and misalignment of the connecting rods close to the piston heads. Both steam brake cylinders for number 52 have been sent out for a total overhaul and once all these items are returned the locomotive will be complete. This is expected towards the end of January 2017 when number 52 will transported to Sandstone for final steam testing and certification. Number 52 will undergo a number of load trials at Sandstone prior to the Stars event in April 2017.

Sandstone NGG11 number 52

Bloemfontein Update on NG 10 number 61

Although much effort is concentrated on completing NGG11 number 52, the Bloemfontein team under Lukas Nel has been hard at work with the NG10 locomotive. Almost 200 boiler tubes have been prepared and swaged prior to delivery to Keith Steven’s KZN workshop where the boiler is undergoing major repairs. The pictures show the tube ends after swaging and the tubes being worked on in the swaging machine.

A complete tender tank has been fabricated and work will soon begin on the tender frames and the locomotive frames once the NGG11 has been despatched to Sandstone for commissioning.

Our pictures from Lukas Nel show the completed tender tank with full length side rails as per the original design, the tender frames and bogies and the locomotive frames.


IMG 20161123 WA0006


Steam Report 24 Nov 2016

Steam Report 24 Nov 2016

Last week we again had our annual Cherry Festival event and have used two class NGG 16”s numbers 153 and 88 To haul the Cherry Express trains over the entire Railway line of the Sandstone Steam Railway.

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Bloemfontein News

2016 11 16 PHOTO 00001040
NGG11 No 52 is now undergoing its final painting. There is still some mechanical work to be done but everything is on target for a final steam test by December.

NG10 update

The tender tank is nearly complete and has been built in the original style as it left the Baldwin Works in Pennsylvania in 1915. This was possible using the original drawings kindly supplied by the Transnet Library. The original tool boxes on the tender have also been recreated by Lukas Nel and his team. Our black and white picture, courtesy of Leith Paxton, is the original Baldwin Works portrait showing the style of the tender.

2016 11 16 PHOTO 00001043


Steam Report 11 Nov 2016

SteamReport 11Nov2016

The past week we have attended to the cosmetic upgrading of the Sandstone Estates Class 91 Diesel Locomotive. Minor repairs are being done to have her back in Spoornet livery for now.

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Program for German TV

Screen Shot 2016 10 04 at 9.29.05 AM

Wolfgang Schumacher and Joachim Smit visited Stars of Sandstone in 2015 and produced this programme for German TV.
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Steam Report 2 Nov 2016

Sandstone Estates Steam Railway News2Nov

Sandstone Estates own Class 91 Diesel Locomotive was delivered by Transcor this week.

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91 Class Update.

Arachnophobia is not for the faint hearted!
91 010 is now being cleaned having been moved to the loco depot at Sandstone and it appears it has half the spider population of Port Elizabeth inside it. Gert Jubileus and his team are now cleaning the loco in time for its inspection by the Sandstone diesel fitter next week. Lukas Nel reports that the passenger steam heating vans from Port Elizabeth which were serviced at Bloemfontein often contained hordes of spiders of a particularly aggressive nature. Take care Gert and team!

IMG 20161101 WA0029


91 Class Update

91 010 is now on Sandstone’s rails having been unloaded late evening on October 31st. Our pictures show it approaching the farm, preparation for unloading and on Sandstone’s rails.

IMG 20161031 WA0014


Restoration update on Class NG10 number 61

Lukas Nel and his team at Bloemfontein have completed a new tender tank for Class NG10 number 61. The boiler for the locomotive is also under repair with new tubes having been obtained.


IMG 20161026 WA0001