NGG16A number 155 under restoration. Update number 10. October 2020.

Work has continued on NGG16A since our last report with the cab fittings installed and the water tank fitted to the front engine unit. The chimney has also been fitted as number 155 begins to look like a full locomotive. Our photo gallery shows the work to date. No definite date has been set for the completion of 155 but early in 2021 is looking likely.

IMG 20201009 WA0006

IMG 20201009 WA0007

IMG 20201009 WA0008

IMG 20201009 WA0009

IMG 20201009 WA0010

IMG 20201009 WA0011


We also received number 155’s first portrait from Swiss enthusiast, Marc-Henri Andre. A frequent visitor to Sandstone, Marc-Henri has produced stunning sketches of a number of our locomotives. Thank you Marc-Henri!