91 Class Diesel

Sandstone’s newly acquired 91 class diesel electric locomotive, 91 010, has been collected from Swartkops Diesel Depot in Port Elizabeth where it was in use as the depot shunter having been fitted with “Bigfoot” 3’6” bogies in 2012. Now surplus to requirements it is heading for a new life at Sandstone. The original 2ft bogies were obtained with the locomotive. A quite complex operation was required to access the depot due to the 25Kv overhead wires for the adjacent electric depot. The 2ft bogies were first placed on the lowbed transporter and then the 3’6” bogies were disconnected and the loco lifted off them and placed on the new bogies in place on the lowbed trailer. Safely secured the loco has begun the 1000km journey to its new home.
At Sandstone 91 010 will be examined for some minor repairs required and then fully serviced before its first run in the Eastern Free State.


IMG 20161026 WA0004


IMG 20161026 WA0005


IMG 20161026 WA0008


IMG 20161026 WA0009


IMG 20161026 WA0011


IMG 20161026 WA0013


IMG 20161026 WA0020