NG/G16 No.88 in 1976

Terry O'Connor, one of our web site visitors, kindly sent us the following information on No. 88:

From: Terry O'Connor [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: 10 May 2010 22:51
Subject: NG/G16 No.88 in 1976

Hi there,

No. 88

Having visited your Sandstone Heritage website, & seen that 'NG/G16 88' is undergoing refurbishment, I recalled having seen & photographed this particular NG G16 at Port Shepstone.

There is a low-res version of an image attached here. It is 'Photoshopped' from one of my 33-year old transparencies.



As there are detail differences between 88 then - & right now - I thought your Engineer might be interested to see this image.

You are welcome to freely use this image for your website, if that would be useful, though copywright under my own mark 'FurnessRed'  applies to commercial use.

If you want a higher res. version, pse. just let me know what size that would be.

I'm only sorry I have no images of any NG locos actually at work. I would not have even known that there was a narrow gauge railway, except for glimpsing ex-works No.126 - with cab roof removed - on an adjacent 3'-6" gauge freight, heading South, somewhere between Durban to Port Shepstone..

Life was 'all work' & raising children in those days. What a lot of railway pleasure I - & so many others - must have missed out on! Having said that, I cannot complain as it was my wife that bought me the excursion ticket!

The reason to visit Port Shepstone was a steam railtour.

Here are some details from the ticket:

31st JULY, 1976

Fare: Adults R9.00
         Children Under 12: R4.50  
         Children Under 3: Free)

The 3'-6" gauge loco was Greyville's '1733 Bayhead'. While it was being turned, & then serviced on the dual gauge facility at Pt.Shepstone, there was time to have a look at the many NG examples that were on shed over the weekend.

There are also a very limited number of shots of 1733 & also of other NG locos that were on shed that day & are still with you, or referred to in your website text. These include 'NG/G13 49' although the images are not all yet digitised / renovated.

Perhaps you may have other members or site visitors for whom mention of that special daytrip might jog memories.

Best wishes,
Terry O'Connor