Urgent Appeal to save Steam Tug Alwyn Vintcent

Steam tug Alwyn Vintcent

The sands of time are fast running out for South Africa's last remaining coal fired steam pilot tug. After years of lay up she was purchased by Australian interests and received an excellent cosmetic refit. However, that was two years ago and she is now deteriorating at a rapid pace. Her Australian owner has disappeared (despite various people attempting to make contact) and the Waterfront is keen to rid itself of the vessel due to its current condition. There were also a few underlying issues as well.


Below decks her engine room is complete and her boiler is in good condition. Too good to scrap!


There was a local effort to try and purchase the vessel, but this too has seemingly fallen through. Most interested parties are unaware of the huge costs involved to maintain such a vessel. 


We now appeal to anyone in South Africa to come forward to try and save the last remaining steam tug that could well be restored one day to working order. Similar appeals will shortly be placed in the local newspapers as well.


We feel that if no serious buyers step forward she will be scrapped and we loose an invaluable part of our Maritime History.


She needs to be retained in Cape Town for display purposes.


If anyone is interested in trying to save the vessel then please contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dylan Knott