Passeport pour la vapeur

Fabrice 1
One of our frequent overseas visitors to Sandstone is Fabrice Lanoue who has written a book, “Passeport pour la vapeur”, on his worldwide steam travels over the last 35 years, in which Sandstone is featured. Our pictures show the cover of the book and the Sandstone section plus the French language text. An English translation of the text is below.

“In order to share his passion and to finance part of the restoration of the equipment, Wilfred Mole has been organising every two years, for several years, a big steam festival which gathers hundreds of participants from all over the world. In 2012 this festival was called "Kalahari Sunrise", named after the desert located further north and the nickname of the Mikado NG15 from the Otavi mining railway in present-day Namibia, and therefore close to the Kalahari Desert. As a storm threatens, NG15 No. 17 (SAR Henschel of 1931) leads its train towards the Grootdraai loop”.

Our thanks to Fabrice for including us in his book.

Fabrice 2

Fabrice 3

Fabrice 4