January has seen good rainfall at Sandstone and the mealies are growing. At the same time the 1915 built NG10 locomotive stretched its legs for a private charter. The muddy road is indicative of the rainfall. 

The rain had another positive in that staff were generally confined inside and were able to do a huge tidy up of the exhibits in the  Heritage sheds. Also trapped by the rain our 60 year old Fordson Major was repaired and was soon out cutting the newly grown grass!  Sandstone is looking good!

IMG 20210108 WA0000 Copy

IMG 20210108 WA0003 Copy

IMG 20210109 WA0003 Copy

IMG 20210109 WA0004 Copy

IMG 20210111 WA0001 Copy

IMG 20210115 WA0003 Copy

IMG 20210115 WA0004 Copy

IMG 20210115 WA0007 Copy

IMG 20210115 WA0008 Copy

IMG 20210115 WA0013 Copy

IMG 20210115 WA0016

IMG 20210115 WA0017