As a result of crime across the border and the need to consolidate our domestic accommodation in our centralised complex, we have been left with an abundance of wonderful sandstone.  In almost every case everything else was removed and carried off to Lesotho – roofing, timbers, doors, windows, even bricks.  However, the big solid sandstone blocks are a bridge too far and as a result they tend to survive.

We have many different projects involving sandstone.  Our two trusty stonemasons, Johannes and Old Piet, plod along day after day doing magnificent work. 

Our first series of pictures show where the sandstone comes from.  This is an old livestock barn on the farm Keerom which was fully operational when we first purchased the farm in 1995. 

The second series of pictures show how this material is recycled, in this case for a wonderfully spacious 3-bedroomed cottage for one of our employees.

It is a little bit depressing seeing these old houses disappear but it is somewhat uplifting in the fact that when we reuse the sandstone we know that the new dwelling, wall, or livestock enclosure is good for a couple of hundred years.