Lanz Tractors at Sandstone

IMG 1945

For many years the Sandstone Heritage Trust has maintained a large collection of Lanz and John Deere Lanz tractors. They are very specialised and not all vintage tractor collectors are familiar with them.

Brian Calitz and his wife made a special trip to Sandstone Estates recently to evaluate our Lanz's with a view to putting on a Lanz display at Stars 2019. The results were very encouraging.  A total of 5 Lanz's were started and a programme is now being put together to fast track the repair of a number of these.  A special Lanz working area will be established alongside the railway for people to see these charismatic and solidly built German tractors carrying out their traditional duties.

The picture above shows a Lanz 50 on the right with a thick bonnet and a short radiator. The bigger 60 horsepower Lanz has a thin bonnet but a longer radiator. One way or the other Sandstone has most models in the Lanz product line-up.