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HTN 26 - Very rare aged Stock tractor

The Sandstone Heritage Trust has in its possession an aged Stock tractor which is very rare. It is at Sandstone under an arrangement with the Bathurst Museum in the Eastern Cape. We were astonished and delighted to discover a picture of a working Stock tractor in a publication which was produced presumably by the British Authorities during the First World War.

The publication is a detailed, yet sad and disturbing account of the progress of the First World War. It is mostly propaganda orientated and of course very anti-German. One of the points there were making is that the German were obliged to plough up their parade grounds and the caption for this photograph reads “The food question in Germany is becoming serious and every available scrap of ground is being utilised by planting crops. The photograph shows the famous Templehoffer Military Parade Ground near Berlin being ploughed up for this purpose.

The Sandstone Heritage Trust will now have to find a parade ground which they will have to plough with their wonderful Stock tractor!