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HTN 45 - It's World Record time again in the vintage tractor fraternity!

New Zealand have announced that they will be having a go at the World Record in April 2006.

The world record attempt for vintage tractors started at Sandstone Estates in 1999. We broke the record with 99 tractors and the following year the Australians responded with just under 200 tractors. Not to be outdone Sandstone Estates came back with a huge total of 797 tractors in 2002. Then things really got interesting with the Irish beating that record with nearly 2,000 tractors and Australia having a go last year with even more than that. Now New Zealand have decided to enter the fray.

The event has become slightly less vintage and classic tractor orientated with many people now counting the total number of tractors regardless of age. However, from a purist standpoint the original vintage tractor record ploughing attempts were perhaps more fun, more gentile and certainly more true to the original definition of what it is that we are all trying to achieve.

To capture the history of this event we are promoting three videos of the first three world record attempts. These include The Great 100 Working at Sandstone Estates in 1999, Plough and be Counted in Australia 2001 and The Great 400 Working at Sandstone Estates in 2002. The purchase price for these three top class videos is R199 for the set. A similar package at a similar price will shortly be offered to our international internet subscribers for delivery ex-UK.
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