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HTN 120 - The baling of bio-mass goes on at Sandstone virtually all year round.

4th August 2006

We have been baling continuously since January and now have in excess of 10,000 round bales in stock. In our search for energy efficiency and in our endeavours to find alternative fuel sources we regularly use machines that do not necessarily use diesel. This picture shows a 1920 Marshall Agricultural Tractor doing a normal day's work, together with a robust Massey Ferguson 95.

The 95 is a powerful tractor and to purchase a tractor new in that horsepower range would cost well in excess of R150,000. A tractor like this was acquired and completely rebuilt for a fraction of that amount. The Marshall Agricultural tractor, which belongs to Philip Upshall of Yeovil, UK, was sent out to Sandstone Estates for a few years on loan and displayed agricultural qualifications in all areas. It has gone back to England but has been replaced by a 1910 McLaren Agricultural Engine currently undergoing a full rebuild by Keith Stevens of Howick.