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HTN 189 - The Rhys Rolfe / Rhys Evans Tractor collection comes to Sandstone.

12th March 2007

As a result of an agreement entered into between the Sandstone Heritage Trust and the Rhys Evans Group the wonderful collection of tractors assembled over many years by Rhys Rolfe, who is a doyen of the South African
farming scene, will be incorporated into the Sandstone Heritage Trust tractor collection. Much the same way as the superb collection of International Harvester products which had been assembled by Jannie du Toit in the Western Cape were incorporated, so the rhys Rolfe collection will be merged and displayed.

The collection will maintain its identify and there will be some rationalisation between the current collection and Rhys Rolfe's collection. However, there are not many duplicates. The collection incorporates many
outstanding tractors which have been lovingly looked after over many years. Rhys is retiring during 2007 and the idea is that his tractors will be viewed by a wider audience and that he will be able to participate in activities involving his machines on a regular basis.

Our photographs show one of the many loads that are currently being assembled in Viljoenskroon for transport to Hoekfontein in the Eastern Free