Ancient plant and machinery continues to do an honest day’s work.

A large farm like Sandstone Estates requires constant upgrading and maintenance.  Whenever possible we address infrastructure deficiencies.  However, rather than bring in contractors or hire expensive plant and machinery we tend to use our own.


This week we opened up an old sandstone quarry from which hundreds of loads of good quality material for roads was hauled by our ancient 1940’s Foden Dump Truck. While this was happening our 1953 International TD-14A, Serial No: TDF36506 finally cleared and tidied our composting area to allow for more material to be brought in.  Many of these projects do not have stringent deadlines and for that reason the old plant which was designed to operate at a more leisurely pace is ideal.   Slow revving engines consuming small amounts of fuel tick away quietly but they do get the job done.

Ironically our operators love them and in many cases prefer driving these old machines to
modern equipment.